Badoere: La Rotonda, the antiques market and asparagus

Badoere is a small village on the border between the province of Padua and the province of Treviso. It is renowned for its square, also known as "La Rotonda", for its antiques market held on the first Sunday of the month (excluding the month of August) and for its white asparagus.

The “barchessa” of Villa Badoer also known as "La Rotonda" is one of the most important examples of architecture of the Venetian Villa period. It comprises a long colonnade in two semi-circles, interrupted by the main road that passes through it, and encloses a large circular space (Piazza Indipendenza) that is the centre of the village.

Visitors will observe that one semi-circle is nobler, whereas the other is more simple and poor, however, this does not alter its overall harmonious appeal. These differences are due to their different uses: the western “barchessa” housed shops, whereas the eastern one was used as lodgings for labourers.
You can take a walk in the square and stop for a drink or lunch at one of the taverns and restaurants. And remember, the renowned antiques market on the first Sunday of the month is not to be missed.

In the square, you will see the small church of Sant'Antonio (1645).

In spring, you can taste the white asparagus of Badoere IGP and buy it, as well as other very 
good and fresh, locally sourced products from nearby farms.