OUR FARM: the garden, animals and fruit trees

Ca' de Memi is a small farm in a village in north-east Italy comprising 14 hectares of fruit trees, horticultural and arable crops, all located in the Piombino Dese area.

The large old main building dating back to the early 20th century, which is the hub of the farm dedicated to hospitality, is one of the oldest buildings in the village of Piombino Dese. It is situated along the main road that passes through the centre. It is surrounded by a hectare of land with vegetable crops, a garden and our small poultry farm.

The main feature of the garden is a large centuries-old magnolia tree that has provided shade for many people who have sat below it chatting and celebrating together. Dozens of different plants, long hedges of hydrangeas and many species of flowers, Francesca’s passion, can also be admired by guests.


Many varieties of vegetables and aromatic herbs are grown in the vegetable garden and you can also visit the animals, all reared out in the open. Those of you who are lucky enough, will also see their young, since they are often born in spontaneous broods.  We are very fond of our Paduan hens with their beautiful tufts, as well as our Muscovy ducks and mallards

Our products, produced according to the principle of biodiversity, vary according to the seasons. We try to find ancient and less widely known crop varieties to offer our guests.

Ca’ de Memi is also the headquarters of the Confraternita del Germano Reale (Confraternity of the Mallard) and collaborates with the Condotta Slow Food della Castellana to organise events and rediscover the ancient variety of the “Mais Cinquantino della Castellana” (special corn of Castellana).

If you wish to pay a visit to our farm, would like to know more or make a request, please contact us: we will be happy to show you the place where we work.


Signboards will show you what products are on sale. During your stay you can order our goods!

Watch the video:


Here are some photos of our animals, the vegetable garden, vegetables and fields. 
You can see Michela in the vegetable garden with Ottorino in the background among the corn!