“Oh, but this is wonderful”. “Such appreciation is nice, and even deserved I think, but for us the town was neither beautiful or ugly: it was ours. We liked it, but it didn’t occur to us to call it beautiful.”
— Luigi Meneghello, Libera Nos a Malo


This is what the Veneto region of the Veneto people is like: a little humble, insecure, busy and naive. 

We are blessed with the Dolomites and are the envy of the world. Here we have hills, a plain, walled towns, castles, rivers and lakes. We must also mention Asolo and its history, the Venice lagoon and a multitude of islands, and the isolated and melancholic Polesine area.

In summer, fields are hot and silent, the Venetian Villas remain majestic and proud, and Venice is a treasure with its thousand facets. In alpine dairies, the milk is warm and tastes of grass and the butter is delicious to any palate. The Arena in Verona not only offers us art and music but also dance and opera. Nature can be explored by bicycle along the sources of the Sile river, along the Valsugana, on the Montello hill, the Ostiglia and in the Euganean Hills. You can go shopping in the city centres of Padua and Treviso or at the new modern shopping outlets near motorway exits.

Abano and Montegrotto are spa centres where you can relax in the water and enjoy mud treatments. At local trade fairs and companies, people produce, work and sell worldwide. 

There is no spring without asparagus and no winter without radicchio, no village without a church and no bar without grappa. Visitors can discover legends, secrets, castles, knights and ladies, Renaissance painters and artists, masterpieces of contemporary architecture and residential areas that are all same, as well as woods and beaches, the Prosecco hills and unknown potters.

So what do you think? Come and visit Veneto: we are waiting for you.