Castelfranco Veneto, the birthplace of Giorgione

A town of merchants and artists, Castelfranco Veneto is famous for being the birthplace of Giorgione, an enigmatic and extraordinary artist.

Giorgione è una di quelle figure d’artisti che confinano con le figure degli eroi.
— Virgilio Lilli

Giorgione is that kind of artist which are closed to heroes.

This bustling town has plenty to offer: a centre of culture, shopping, schools, and a Conservatorio (music academy).
Visit the beautiful historic centre with the ancient castle walls, make purchases at the attractive shops under the porticos just outside the town walls, and visit Villa Revedin Bolasco and its park.
Don’t miss a visit to the Museo Casa Giorgione and the Duomo, even for a few minutes, to admire the famous Pala (altarpiece) by the artist.


  • take a walk around the town walls, and then stop at one of the many taverns for a drink or dinner 
  • visit the market, on Tuesday or Friday mornings
  • explore Villa Bolasco and its beautiful park
  • taste the typical “radicchio” (chicory) of the area, also known as "La rosa di Castelfranco"
  • watch a performance at the Teatro Accademico

The Landscape of Giorgione described in a video:

Castelfranco Veneto cresce attorno al suo Castello: un quadrato con 5 torri.